44 Lenin Avenue

A researcher's journey to Siberia

A chapel where a cathedral once stood?

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One fun aspect of the 44 Lenina project is that this central part of Tomsk continues to undergo revision, a revision intimately associated with the region’s history. Just a stone’s throw from the building is the main, central square in Tomsk, now a large park with fountains, trees, and several plaques and monuments. This spot […]

Finding Compelling Stories

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As touched on in several earlier posts (e.g. here and here), the building at 44 Lenin Avenue, from its humble beginnings as a church-parish school to its role as local NKVD headquarters to its transformation into commercial and commemorative space itself provides a compelling story. This story runs parallel to many of the main trends […]

Architecture of V. V. Khabarov

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The building at 44 Lenin was designed by V. V. Kharbarov. Khabarov designed many buildings in Tomsk, a handful of which still stand. The buildings are brick. The Sliavianskii Bazar, which stands on the riverbank where the Ushaika meets the Tom’, is no doubt his best-known building. Some of the intricate brickwork on this building […]