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Podcasts: Stalin’s Gulag at War

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Not directly related to the 44 Lenin Avenue project, but just another brief research update:

So far, I’ve taken part in two podcasts related to my book, Stalin’s Gulag at War (UTP, 2019).

  1. Sean Guillory of the SRB Podcast interviewed me in February. I’ve known Sean since we were both doing our doctoral research in Moscow in 2005, and it was a pleasure to be a part of his podcast, which has become the go-to resource for information about new books in Russian/Soviet/Post-Soviet history, politics, and culture. In any case, you can find my interview, and a partial transcript of the interview, here. A couple of relatively recent favorites of mine include Sarah Cameron on the famine in Kazakhstan, and Julia Mickenberg on ‘American Girls in Red Russia.’
  2. When I was in Waterloo in January, Eric Storey of the Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic, and Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS) interviewed me for the “On War & Society” podcast. The interview came out in early April, and you can listen, here. I’m very grateful to LCMSDS for bringing me to Ontario to speak about my book. My public talk was very well attended, with around 70 people in the audience.

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